Sell your bike with us:  We will help sell your bike for a fraction of the cost. With our contacts throughout the USA and the world we can help move a bike of yours to a home in need of one. Our rates are low and I will work with you on helping you sell the bike you need out of the garage. See our fees below for details.

Consignment fees: The cost for us to sell your bike is 10% of the final value up to $19,999. From $20,000 and up we take 15% of the final selling value. With this rate we are still cheaper than car dealers and even other places that co-sign your vintage bike. We offer the best rates allowing more money back into your pocket. All bikes must be advertised with us and ONLY with us for a min. of 30 day contract. If you sell your bike elsewhere while its advertised on our site or decide not too sell we still collect $200 if it falls within the contract time line with us. This is to protect us from people using our web site as a strictly advertising board with no consideration to why we offer this service, its not for free. If the bike doesn´t sell in 30 days you owe nothing and we can start all over with a new listing.

Locating a bike is easy with us. I have contacts world wide and can find a bike of your needs within your budget. The cost to located a bike is 15% regardless of price. ( As of 6/12/2014)  We require a $100 dep to start looking for a bike you have chosen. This is to protect us from time wasters. The $100 is a time waster fee  and is non refundable.

Email me for details: Email