December 31, 1970 by Mike Dunn.

We have been attending a few local Car and Motorcycle shows with our Zundapps and doing very well taking 3 straight wins and an overwealming response lately. This past weekend we attended the Steve McQueen Motorcycle and Car show in Chino CA at the Boys Republic, Here  we took Best Motorcycle of the show with our 1940 Zundapp KS600. We won the theme trophy of the event, " The Great Escape Award".  Its amazing how many people have never heard of Zundapp and how many people we educate when they see the bike. Soon everyone will know whata Zundapp is.

Zundapp KS600 best of Show

Chad McQueen and myself talking about the Zundapp KS500 in front of onlookers. Chad was impressed with the bikes and we had a good small conversation about them.

Chad McQueen and Mike Dunn of Vintage German Motorcycles

Chad McQueen ( grey shirt)  and myself (black shirt) talking about the KS500 , really hot day out there! I know Chad was burning up!

Chad McQueen and Mike Dunn

This is from the Chili Cookoff and Car show 2013 in Riverside California, we took 1st place here. We beat out a bunch of Harleys this day, what a great feeling.

Zundapp KS500 wins first place

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