December 31, 1970 by Mike Dunn.

I havent updated my blog in some time now but alot has happen over the past few months. We have moved to Riverside now and its alot better for all of us. Currently we are building the business and continuing to grow. I am a bit on my own as my normal helper has moved on to a good paying job, so i am on my own until i find a good Zundapp Apprentice. I did show off one of the Zundapps to a potential buyer and my friend Mike from Germany snapped this photo. He came here with his 2 other German friends. It was nice to show them the pure beauty of riding in a Stoye and being on a Zundapp.

Zundapp with Stoye SS luxus

We are currently a US dealer Stoye sidecars for Zundapps, BMW, DKW, NSU and even Harley Davidsons Motorcycles. If you are interested in a Stoye sidecar, let me know we can get you one. they are very wonderfull and truley unique sidecars which attact attention from all walks of life. Everytime i drive my Zundapp people just love looking at the sidecar.  Its a pure beauty, no question.


Stoye TS

Another view of the sidecar with a windshield.

Stoye TS luxus

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