December 31, 1970 by Mike Dunn.

Well its been some time since I last updated the Blog, I promise I will provide regular updates for now on. Ok, whats new?? Well I have managed to purchased a 1941 Zundapp KS750 from a 99 year old man here in California. He had found the bike in a Military dump just after the war in the Netherlands. In 1950 he shipped the bike to New Jersey and followed it to America. He rode the motorcycle from the East coast to Sunny CA and in 1951 was in CA with his Zundapp. This motorcycle basically was parked under a house in a cellar and sat here for 60 years until just a few weeks ago, April 2014. I was able to have the pleasure of retriving the bike and bringing it back to my shop in Riverside CA. Now the bike will be restored once again and return back to the Military state it was in 1941. So here are a few photos of the Zundapp KS750.


Pulling the Zundapp out
Here we are trying to get the Zundapp out of the cellar. We had to remove the door.

Zundapp BW40 frame
Here the parts are seeing day light after 60 years in the dark.

Stoye sidecar boat
The owner placed this Civil sidecar boat on the bike because the Military one was making people shoot at hime when it was on there.

The Zundapp KS750 out
The bike sees light after 60 years!
Zundapp KS750
This is the hill we had to push the bike up in order to get it to the road
Zundapp KS750 on trailer
Loaded and on the trailer.

Zundapp KS750 home
Finally its back in the shop and ready for a new life once again.

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