We are please to offer for sale this well restored and nice 1939 Zundapp KS600 with a Stoye sidecar. This motorcycle was rebuilt and assembled by Michael Aichner from Germany and the motor, transmission, rear diff were all rebuilt 100%. With this nothing was not addressed and everything was rebuilt fully. I offer a full warranty on the motor, transmission and rear diff for any breakage at all due workmanship. The motorcycle has less than 200 km on the motor and still needs to be broken in. This is a fully documented motor and I have all the invoices and some pictures of the work done. The receipts alone show that over 10,000 EURS was invested into this bike. You are buying a new motorcycle and not something you hope is restored or taking someones word? I have proof of the restoration. This motorcycle has a Bing 2/24 vergaser and works well. I personally like the 2/26 but I am inpressed with the Bing 2/24. The bike has a new coil and the Generator was rebuilt. All new pistons, new slide bearings, rebuilt crank, rods, etc. I have a long list of receipts showing all of this. The paint on the motorcycle is new and looks incredible. The wheels are new and this includes tires, tubes, bearings and rim bands. The motorcycle also includes a restored Stoye SM model 1950 sidecar, NEW. This is a 100% restored and new sidecar from Stoye of Berlin Germany. We are an authorized dealer for the USA of these sidecars and offer a full warranty on the sidecar as well. So many things on the bike are new and restored the list goes on and on. For the price of the motorcycle your getting a well documented and restored bike. We are more than please too provide you video and more pictures if need be.  


Zundapp KS600 at Vintage German Motorcycles
carbBing 2/24