Here is a restored 1941 Zundapp KS600 that has had the motor, transmission and rear drive completely rebuilt in my shop and by two specialists in Germany. Restoration of these essential components was completed in the fall of 2017. In fact the entire motorcycle was completely disassembled and restored from the ground up over the years. The frame and all parts were media blasted and all layers of paint were removed and a new primer was added with new grau paint . The color is spot on perfect as with all of our motorcycles. New frame races were added to the frame as well as frame badges and all the holes were re-tapped. The frame retains the original frame number and nothing was left out during the repainting of the frame and parts. The fenders are original and have been reworked to retain their look once again - a military look. All of the stencils are painted on just like original bikes were - no stickers. The forks were rebuilt (oil damper) that have new seals and new gears inside. All of the bolts on this motorcycle are either Original Ribe or reproduction Ribe bolts. All of the hardware is black oxide with oil. The foot boards are original KS600 sheet metal ones, not Alu or reproduction - these are the real deal. All of the rubber is new on the motorcycle including the tires that are new with low miles. The wheels are original and so are the hubs. They were rebuilt with both tubes replaced and new rim bands installed. The bearings in the wheels are also new. All control cables are new and everything works properly. The speedo is a real Veigel and was rebuilt by a specialist and functions properly. The generator system has been changed from points to solid state. It is now a 12 volt Power Dynamo and produces a nice bright light with easier starting now. This is a new modern electrical system, proven reliable time and time again. All the bulbs are new 12 volt bulbs on the motorcycle now. The battery is also new.  All of the handlebar controls are original and working. The tank has been cleaned and lined inside with Northern Tank sealer. The rear drive is fully rebuilt with new gears and it works flawlessly. I replaced all the gaskets, bearings and seals. The transmission has new gears and chains inside and is working well. The carb is a new rebuilt Bing 2/26mm. Note: this is not the original carb but is what all KS600 owners have. The original AMALS on these bikes were poorly designed and unreliable and a Bing is a much better carb. All of the lights work with no issues at all. The motorcycle doesn’t have a brake light. These motorcycles they never did. The motor is FULLY rebuilt by a Zundapp Specialist in Germany. He has replaced and fixed everything such as the crank, rods, pistons, seals, bearings, oil pump, timing gears, bearings, etc. All repair work was documented in photos and done correctly with no shortcuts. The engine runs perfectly and has a new high performance clutch inside the transmission. I have also replaced the oil filter with the new kits that are available from vendors like Aichner. The transmission is also a new rebuilt transmission with original transmission numbers on it. New gears, new chains, bearings, seals, etc. Nothing is junk on the motorcycle at all. The rear drive was rebuilt by Mike Aichner who is the Zundapp KING. Aichner has placed new gears in the drive along with new bearings and seals. Overall this is one of the finest examples of a KS600 that can be found anywhere. I am pleased to sell this motorcycle to a person who wants an excellent example of a correct 1941 Zundapp KS600. If you want the best - this is it.

Zundapp KS600 at Vintage German Motorcycles
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