At Vintage German Motorcycles we are also able to restore and repair your vintage Zundapps, BMW's, DKW's and NSU's. Our speciality is Zündapps and we have parts in stock and are able to get just about any part for your pre-1945 Vintage bike. If you have a Zundapp, NSU, DKW, BMW..this is your stop. Dont let anyone fool you into thinking they know what they are doing with these bikes, I can count less than 5 in the USA that have any clue at all what they are doing.

KS600 Repair

We offer powder coating, chrome and custom paint work through our own personal painter and chrome guys who are without a doubt some of the best in the buisness. We use local people and can get things turned around fast.

 Zundapp K800 forks

We offer complete motor repairs on your motorcycles and if we can´t repair those items in house we have outside resources.

Our shop rates are inline with most vintage motorcycle shops and we are about personal customer service. I personally take every bike as my own personal bike and make sure that when they leave the shop, its a solid running machine. How many shops actually care about their customers?

Zundapp Motorcycle repair
Please contact us for an questions you may have and we are here for you.