A great site for Zundapps and a forum as well. Dedicated to Zundapps from the 30's into the 40's.


H.P. Hommes is dedicated to heavy WH motorbike combos like the BMW R75 and the Zundapp KS750. He offers parts and service for the war bikes.

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners, Inc.

Dedicated web site for Vintage BMW motorcycles,they have a nice site with a very nice forum.

A great web site for parts for your BMW, Zundapp and DKW vintage bikes. Good trusted dealer, they take paypal and speak english.

Stoye sidecars made in Germany, great web site! The best in the World!




Zundapp Aichner 

This web site is the best on the Internet for buying parts for your Vintage German K500,KS600 and K800. Michael is without a doubt the best on the net to buy from. He is also my personal friend.

ShippingMasters.. Shipping Services. Ship bikes coast to coast $495.

A great place to have your bike shipped here in the USA at very afordable rates.

Vintage Bike OC

Vintage bike club with meetings at Beach Burgers in Huntington Beach, California.

Old Timer Tacho Repair -  a great place to get those speedos repaired. - The only Zundapp Registry and reference web site in the World! Fantastic site.