This 1939 DKW NZ500 is an example of an almost perfect motorcycle. With so many original parts it makes it a pure collectable machine for anyone into German Motorcycles. First is the motor number, 100% original and in the correct spot. This particular motorcycle doesnt have a frame number, as some have no number on the frame. I have shown this photo in the add of where you can see it is an early bike. This frame makes it correct for the year of the motor. Next is the parts on the motorcycle. Lets start with the front wheel, all original still with a new tire and tube and rim band inside.Next are the forks, 100% original including the side shock. Here you see the speedo is 100% original and works well, another example of a hard to find item. On the forks is the impressive M165 headlight, which is 100% original. The glass, lens, bulb holder, everything on the light is the real deal. Very few DKW motorcycles out there have the real deal headlights. We have the original horn still and have not placed it on the motorcycle as its being repaired. On to the handlebars, 100% original and the correct NZ500 pattern and levers. These are different from the NZ250 and 350 motorcycles. The tank is the correct NZ500 tank with the tank screen inside still. It also has the correct tank switch from Hasag, works perfect in both directions. The frame is 100% original DKW NZ500.The rear wheel is 100% original and has a new tire, tube, rim band and new sprocket rubbers. I have also replaced all the foot peg rubbers and some of the fork stops. We have replaced the clutch in the motor and now it works much better. We have changed the oil, new NGK spark plugs, new points, still has the original points bridge and condensors in there wit the auto Union logos. The carb is the original AMAL carb and so is the air cleaner. The coil box is the correct one for the NZ500, we can go on and on. Everything is just killer on this DKW. One of the main highlights is the tool kit, its the original tools and pouch still for the motorcycle.This is the only known DKW NZ500 in the USA.Everything works, everything charges, its a rideable motorcycle with no issues. We have the CA title and its currently registered.

DKW NZ 500 at Vintage German Motorcycles
carbAMAL M76/456
modelNZ 500