Sept 8th, 2015 09:30am PST

Thanks Mike for a correct and very fast sale of my motorcycle on your excellent website, exactly as we agreed. I never met Mike before but he runs a highly professional business in German vintage motorcycles and knows how to ship anywhere in the World..No need to say the financial transaction was really very fast and flawless. So I strongly recommend the enthusiasm of VGM to deal with when you are looking for or selling an exceptional machine. Thanks again Mike Dunn.

 Jan Desimpelaere, Belgium, EU.

Nov 25th, 2013 05:30am PST

Mike is an intense person and you need that attitude in life to make things happen. I contacted VGM in hopes of locating a BMW R11 project bike; expecting it to be a far reach and possibly painful process. To my astonishment it ended up being neither.  Mike located exactly what I wanted within a month. Better yet, the bike was 30 miles from where I live. The timing with this experience was definitely one of a kind but obviously couldn't have happened without Mike's dedication to his customers and love for bikes. Thanks again!

Boston, MA

Nov 21st, 2013 12:35 PST

For 5 years I had been looking for a high quality BMW R12 that I could immediately ride and later restore.  Mike found the perfect specimen and was so helpful in facilitating the complex international transaction.  Mike's antique motorcycle expertise is deep and his integrity and honesty are of the highest level. I plan on doing business with him again in the future.

Phil Richter

Feb23rd, 2013 9:23am PST
About 2 years ago, I was searching the web and stumbled upon Vintage German Motorcycles.  I began looking at the several motorcycles Mike had sold and thought it would be awesome to own a classic war era German bike.  After discussing my options with Mike, I decided to go with a smaller unrestored bike due to my budget.  I wanted a larger bike he had for sale at the time, but did not have the money.  I ended up with a 1938 Zundapp DB200 and so the restoration began.  As time went by and the restoration process began, Mike updated me with the progress by email and posted clear pictures on the internet (Flickr).  Mike always answered my emails and you could always tell how much compassion he has for these bikes.  Mike ended up working with me to get the bike I initially wanted, which was a 1939 Zundapp DBK250. He worked out a deal to trade my partially restored bike for the larger DBK250.  Mike set up the delivery and I received the bike in the condition it was when it left his shop.  Since receiving my bike, Mike has been in constant contact with me and is always patient in answering all my questions.  I have noticed when you buy a bike from Vintage German Motorcycles, you get more than just a bike..  You get a friend who happens to be a human owner's manual for these bikes.  I am so glad I decided to purchase a bike from Mike and will continue to do business with him in the future.  Thanks again Mike and God bless you my brother!

Ken Hon, Beecher IL

Feb 5th, 2013 8:53 PST
After doing some basic searches on the Internet I came across Mikes website, Vintage German Motorcycles. I've been interested in collecting old German motorcycles for some time so I decided to give Mike a call to discuss what options there are. To my surprise Mike took the time out of his day to immediately educate me on the bikes, what to look for, and he began asking me what specifically liked in these types of bikes. After this initial phone call Mike offered for me to come to his shop where he had four Zundapp's and a DKW for me to look at and get a better understanding of what is out there. I immediately accecpted his inviation and what was supose to be an hour meeting turned into 3 hrs. It was nice to meet someonewho is so enthusiastic about these bikes and who actually takes the time to discuss them in detail with you. To date I've purchased three bikes from Mike( with one currently being shipped from Germany that he arranged) and would only use him to help me with future purchases. In regards to maintenance, he's the only one that will be touching these bikes as well. It's been a pleasure working with Mike and he's been honest and upfront from the start.
Mark W., Newport Coast CA
Jan 5th, 2013 8:45 PST
Having spent the past 8 months working with Mike with a challenging project, I can enthusiastically endorse his professionalism and very much appreciate his assistance that was over and beyond what I expected.  In short, I reached out to in order to obtain some guidance in purchasing the same model Zundapp my grandfather brought to the US from Germany in 1936.  My grandfather, for practical purposes, sold the motorcycle in the US, but he still had an affinity for this motorcycle and other Zundapps as he evaluated prototypes in field trials.  Unfortunately, records from Zundapp are unavailable, but Mike’s professorial knowledge about these motorcycles was, and having only my Grandfather’s description in his memoirs of the prototype he tested before immigrating and an undated photograph of my grandfather on a Zundapp, Mike was able to convincingly determine that a KS500 was the 1936 model Zundapp I was looking for.   That in hand, Mike was able to navigate and find the correct motorcycle in Germany with documented provenance, which was very impressive to observe, and instilled in me even more confidence in Mike’s work with vintage motorcycles.  With his colleagues in Germany, Mike was then able to secure parts begin the restoration process which was continued at his shop here in California.  Last, Mike himself registered the motorcycle in California and personally delivered it to my home with a vintage manual along with contemporary instructions for maintenance.  All in all, could not have done this without him, and glad he does what he does.
Nathan L, Long Beach CA
Dec 31st, 2012 5:35pm PST
After accidentally discovering the website earlier this year, and seeing the awesome bikes that they have sold, I just knew I had to buy a vintage bike from them.  When I first spoke to the owner Mike, he eagerly shared his knowledge about the various bikes from the era I wanted, and also his experience with their performance and reliability.  His knowledge really helped me decide which bike I wanted.   
After making my decision, I was excited to find out that Mike had a couple bikes arriving from Germany, and one was exactly the type I had decided on.  Mike took care of getting the bike here, getting it through customs, and making sure it was ready to go for me once it arrived.  His attention to detail and goal of making sure everything is period correct, and just right mechanically, is the professional service I need. The bike is awesome, even better than the pictures Mike initially showed me. I will definitely be buying more from him in the future. 
John K, Canyon Lake California   

Aug 22nd, 2012 4:35pm PST
Mike Dunn is amazing, professional and one of the most knowledgeable experts  on Zundapps and BMW's that I know. A few months ago I was looking to purchase a BMW R12 and came accross Mike's web site. That night I sent Mike a email stating I was interested in buying a BMW R12 and the very next morning Mike found the perfect bike which I now own. Since buying the bike, Mike has gone out of his way to help me aquire parts for the bike, work and fine tune the engine and he has even educated me on Pre WWII motorcycles. I only trust Mike to work on my bikes and I strongly value his opinion and expertise on Vintage motorcycles.
Marcus Davin, Newport Beach CA

June 7th, 2012 11:24 PST
When i first spoke to Mike, I had been looking for a bike for a while. I had filtered between a Grey R12 and Zundapps without seeing anything that lived up to my expectation. Mike gave me some sound advice and really told me how it was amongst the German bike maze. I was really begining to think that buying a pre-1945 German bike was an unavigable minefield. Mike has an amazingly rare talent amongst most of the German bike dealers, he actually answers emails, which from my experience is a rarity. He told me about one bike that was not what I had been looking for but it ticked all the boxes. I now have the bike in my garage after traveling to Leipzig to pick it up. I will certainly be dealing with Mike again for bits and pieces and hopefully another bike when the bank balance allows. When you are spending the kind of money that these bikes are costing now, you just need a little reasurrance your not tipping it down the drain.
Brian Kealy, England

April 15th, 2012 06:52 PST
After having dealt with Mike when I shipped a 1941 R12 to him, I was very comfortable when it came to purchasing the 1939 DKW KS200. Mike was very helpful when it came time to ship the bike to me and kept me informed as to what was going on. I have had a couple of conversations with him and am confident he will help me in getting the parts I needs and any technical advise I may also need. I am looking forward to my restoration project. Hopefully it will turn out as nice as all of his bikes have turned out. 
Tom Heinz Falls Church Va

Dec 23rd, 2011 22:10 PST
Mike has found my prewar BMW R35 I have always wanted. He was very fast, great communication and the most important thing he met my expectations. I recommend him for those who want to find a classic bike. Just give him a call or email, he will find it for you.
Temi, Jakarta Indonesia

March 24th, 2011 14:30 PST
 Mike has found me parts for my KS600 that i have been looking years for. His knowledge on these bikes is amazing. I have not met anyone up till now that can tell me  as much as Mike has on this bike. What ever part you may need he can get you, in a resonable amount of time. I look forward to more dealings with Mike, with parts and another Zundapp down the road. Many Thanks,
Richard Schunk, USA

Sept 28th, 2010 06:51 PST
Thanks for being such a great resource for parts on my restoration projects.  You have come through with hard to find parts when no one else could. The items you have found for me are always in great condition.   I would recommend you to anyone looking for parts or services related to prewar German Motorbikes.
Jeff Koch , USA

Sept 17th,2010 06:48 PST
A couple of months ago I started researching pre-war BMW motorcycles in hopes of making a purchase sometime over the next six months. The more I researched, the more I found stories of bikes being sold “as original”, but being delivered with a mix and match of parts from different models and often parts from completely different manufacturers. Feeling this wasn’t going to be as easy as I had imagined, I decided to contact Mike Dunn from Vintage German Motorcycles to see if he could help me in my quest.
Mike was great to deal with. He asked numerous questions to help both he and I narrow down the bike that was going to suit my needs. In the end that bike turned out to be a pre-war BMW R12. From there Mike went to work sourcing a suitable machine and within a month had found a mostly original bike. Once the purchase was made, Mike suggested the bike be shipped to him first to ensure everything was in running order. He wanted to be sure I wasn’t disappointed with my new purchase when it arrived home here in Ottawa. I have to say, this wasn’t the type of customer service I was expecting, but it’s a testament to the kind of guy Mike is. With his vast knowledge and established connections regarding bikes from this era, Mike Dunn will always be the first person I turn to for anything relating to my motorcycle.
Scott Blaylock, Canada

March 21, 2010 20:00 PST
I had the surprise of a lifetime when I came to find out that my wife had secretly contacted Mike just weeks before my 30th birthday and asked him to find a very specific bike, my dream bike, a 1941 BMW R12. To her surprise, Mike was not only able to find the rare bike, but also have it flown from across the nation in the nick of time. Since this amazing experience Mike has personally helped me further restore the bike to spec and has been such a blessing to know as owning these type of bikes is somewhat involved. Mike is such a knowledgeable guy with bikes of this era, its amazing as to the level of resources he has not only to find these rare bikes, but also how to restore them to spec. He has such a true passion for vintage bikes and is so willing to go out of his way to make sure you're taken care of all while being such an honest and up front person. Thanks Mike, you're the best!
Weston, San Diego, CA

March 20, 2010 8:00 PST
I had great success with Mike and his team. Straightforward, knowledgeable, and quick help at every turn. What started as a blind inquiry has evolved into a trusted friendship. I don't know how to describe any higher praise.
Paul Meredith- Florida

March 19, 2010-12:00PST
If you are in search of a vintage German made motorcycle, then Mike Dunn is definitely the person that you should seek out and talk to. Ever since the first time that I looked at old WW2 photographs and movies of Wehrmacht soldiers riding around on their motorcycles, I have always wanted to own one. However, owning such a working piece of history is never a easy task to accomplish. So when I began my search for my WW2 era German motorcycle, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a gentleman living right here in the USA located in San Jacinto CA, by the name of Mike Dunn, had the knowledge and the resources to find me exactly what I was searching for. After a few months, Mike was able to have a contact ship me a 1940 Zundapp KS600 WH directly from Germany. Mike is also a very skilled mechanic, who since my motorcycle arrived in the US, has made sure that all of my questions pertaining to the motorcycle are answered and has made sure that any parts and repairs to the motorcycle are made available to me. 
Randolph Werner - Hayes VA 

Aug 13, 2009 - 12:34:00 PST
I have know Mike for a little over a year now and have found him to be a great resource in helping restore my 1941 KS 600. I have traded and bought several parts from him in this time. He is with out a doubt one of the most knowledgeable people in the U.S. when it comes to pre-war Zundapps. If he does not have the answer to a question regarding Zundapps, he works with several Zundapp restorers and part suppliers in Europe who will know. I have found him to be an honest and reliable source for all things Zundapp, he really enjoys working on these bikes and it shows in his level of professional service.
Neil Jezierski

Jun 05, 2009 - 09:03:20 AM
I purchased my vintage BMW through Mike/VIGEMO, and was quite happy with the transaction. Mike was detailed and up-front with his description and assessment of the bike and when it arrived there were no unexpected surprises. Not only is he knowledgeable and a great source of information but he was very helpful in directing me to the best resources about restoring and owning these vintage machines.
-Philip J., Philadelphia, PA

May 12, 2009 - 02:03:30 AM
Thanks for helping me purchase my K800. I'm still amazed at how promptly you found this rare bike. The negotiating process was actually fun and we achieved the price point we set. Shipping was seamless, as all it took was one phone call to you. Location of parts would have been very difficult without your assistance. Thanks for contacts and translation. Delivery was on schedule, and seeing my Zundapp for the first time was awesome. I would be remiss if I didn't tell you how grateful I was when you personally drove to my house and surveyed the bike with me. This was above and beyond, thank you. My next Zundapp purchase will definitely be with you!!
Grant McLay, Hermosa Beach CA

Mar 15, 2009 - 02:11:17 PM
Vintage German Motorcycles is a unique in the US for locating hard to find vintage motorcycles. Mike Dunn possesses a network of buyers and sellers that extends to Europe and beyond. He provides expert valuation of these rare bikes, technical expertise, and an honesty not found elsewhere.
Mark Meyer, Ohio

Mar 12, 2009 - 02:12:14 PM
Hi - I have purchased several classic motorcycles from Mike and I'm very pleased with these bikes and Mike's help in buying them. He is knowledgeable about the market price and the mechanical correctness of each bike. He knows his stuff! I trust him and will buy more bikes from him in the future.
Sincerely, Alan Melchior Utah.

Mar 11, 2009 - 22:09:26 EDT
Great dealer, great connections, flawless transaction and fast payment. Mike helped me with 2 bike transactions. I recommend "" for consignment sales and also as a buying source for war bikes/ vintage bikes! Also helpful for technical support/parts locating, DMV paperwork matters and coast to coast or international transportation. A "one stop shop for all your vintage German motorcycle needs"!
Thanks Mike!
Nick Grooters, Chino CA