Here we have a 1941 BMW R71 thats a excellent condition motorcycle. This is confirmed numbers from BMW Archives in Germany. This is NOT a fake BMW R71, dont even begin to question this. I have had lots of different experts including myself look at this motorcycle and everyone agrees, its the real deal with a few wrong parts. To start with the good details some excellent parts are on this motorcycle. This motorcycle has the original EAS 170 light, switch, speedo, etc. Everything inside the light is all original and the pictures prove this. The Generator is Original to the motor, including all coil and parts under the front motor cover. The entire front forks, everything there is original. The frame is original, front and rear fenders, front brake hub, gas tank, mufflers and pipes, rear luggage rack, rear Diff, plunger shocks, seat cover is a original Pagusa cover which is really cool and in good shape still. The motor is 100% real, including the cylinders and barrels. Eveything is marked fromm BMW and has numbers on them. The transmission is 100% the real deal as well. The motor is well marked and we can barely seen the BMW logos on the frame. Everything points to a real R71. So much of the hardware as well is original to the bike. This motorcycle has not seen the hack jobs of the East.

Some small items that are wrong are, the carbs are post war BINGS from a R51/3 so they are not correct. The rear wheel is also R51/3 as it has the fins on the hub. The rear tail light is also that of a R51/3. The levers on the handle bar are those not found on a R71, I am not positive on what they belong too exactly. The handle bars have a switch which is BOSCH but not correct for the motorcycle. It has the weird tin cover on the transmission air cleaner which doesnt belong on the motorcycle. Very little on the bike is wrong.

The hand shifter on the transmission is bent and should not be like this. The transmission shifts into all gears and appears to work. The rear diff works and the tire spins with ease. The motor is currently stuck and we have the cylinders soaking in Mystery oil in hopes to unstick it. It appears this bike last ran in the 1950's or so. It was in two different museums during its life after the war and so its been stored inside for many years now. We purchased this motorcycle and another at the same time and both were not running the first bike we managed to make run once again.

BMW R71 at Vintage German Motorcycles
colorCamo Grau
magGenerator BOSCH
serial703073 Motor