Here is a nice BMW R12 WH solo bike available right here at Vintage German Motorcycles. The bike is a running working motorcycle, all transmission gears work, magneto works, rear drive is good. Some parts are very original and some are aftermarket. The motor block has the correct motor number on it and its an original stamp. The case halves numbers are not matching on this bike. The engine runs good and its unknown on who rebuilt it. The carbs are aftermarket and we will include with the sale price of $25,000 the original SUM carb intake manifold. I can supply an original SUM with the motorcycle at an extra cost. The frame is a nice WH military reinforced frame and its in great shape. It also has the correct frame number on the upper left side of the frame, this is one of 4 positions for a frame number on a BMW R12. Almost all of the bolts are RIBE on the bike. Alot of the hardware is correct. The rear passenger seat is 100% original and a nice item. NOTE- the pannier bags are INCLUDED BUT NOT these. I will replace them with new ones. The bags are NOT INcluded. Also is the correct Military fenders, the shallow type on the motorcycle. The horn is a new correct reproduction in the front and the old one under the motorcycle needs to be tossed. New frame BMW roundels are added which are correct reproductions. The license plates are new reproductions and so is the spark plug caps which are BOSCH. It has original hand controls still and many other correct items. For more details please contact us. 

BMW R12 at Vintage German Motorcycles
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