This BMW R12 is for sale and available now and locally here in Riverside CA. Lets start with the motor and details about it. First it retains the correct motor number, this is a huge plus. It also has the correct matching engine case halves numbers. Another plus and huge benifit. The motor has a new restored Crank by Chris chambers. He has added new rods and bearings on the crank. Also the engine was completly cleaned inside and hot tanked. We have added new German pistons and the cylinders were rehoned and valves and guides have been done. All parts have been purchased from Wolfgang at RRC in Germany. The clutch is new in the bike and all the gaskets and seals have been replaced. We have added a new adjustable magneto sprocket on the magneto as well. Basically its a brand new motor, fully redone and done by experienced German bike mechanics.

The transmission works well, shifts into all the gears with ease and its not loud or makes any noises. I am sure someone a few years ago has gone through it and it works great. The rear drive also works great, no leaks and has sidecar gearing inside it. Once again, zero issues with the rear drive on the bike. The frame on the motorcycle is a very nice and straight . While installing the motor and motor bolts aligned perfect with the holes on the opposite side of each other, always a good sign. The frame retains the Original frame numbers as well, another huge plus.

Tires and wheels are in good shape. The front wheel has a small flat spot in it which I noticed while driving the motorcycle. All of thr spokes and hubs are in good shape. The motorcycle has a nice reproduction boat and a solid frame under it. All of the lights work on the sidecar and motorcycle.

Overall, its a great R12, really nice, really good items on it. For more details or questions, please ask us. The motrocycle has a NV title.

BMW R12 at Vintage German Motorcycles