A good running BMW R12 is now being offered here at Vintage German Motorcycles. This motorcycle has a current FL title and has alot of things addressed which make it a decent R12. First the paint job is an Military spec epoxy paint. This paint is very hard to scratch and doesnt leave finger print marks in it. The Military symbols were also painted on and not stickers. The symbols on the bike represent 58th Infantrie Division and the G means "Guderian" Army Group.

Next the final drive was rebuilt and over $1,000 was invested into rebuilding this. It now has all new gears and shims in it. The gearing is side car gearing as well and not solo. The front forks were rebuilt with all new modern seals. It has a new wiring harness on the bike and all the electrical works. All new rubber has been replaced on the bike now and needs nothing. The motorcycle has a new throttle control and new dimmer switch and brake levers. Also new on the bike is the mufflers. The transmission has also been rebuilt as well from a guy in the USA. The clutch appears to be in working order and no issues. The motor starts and runs well and is cold blooded in nature. The motor has a small oil leak that does need to be addressed at some time. The magneto does charge and work. The speedo is off and can use a rebuild to get it working correctly. The horn does not currently work on the bike but can be fixed at the buyers cost. The side car is in great shape and is not beat up. It is a early M72 side car and the conversion on it is done very well.All in all its a great bike to enjoy and ride and would make a nice addition to any collection.

BMW R12 at Vintage German Motorcycles